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We are a club devoted to promoting the famous Sonic characters in human or humanoid form.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 29, 2009


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404 Members
415 Watchers
22,289 Pageviews
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General Rules

*This group is for Humanized Sonic characters (some call them gijinkas). They are to have a human-like form, meaning the keeping of ears/tails like “nekomimi”s are totally fine.

*Anyone can join. Submitting deviations isn’t necessary, and you are automatically accepted once you click the join button.

*If you have an issue, please PM me, xXkuroyukiXx, and we can talk it out.

*Please do not spam things on our comment wall.

***NO EXPICIT WORKS ARE ALLOWED. Even with a warning. Please do not submit works that violate deviantArt’s submission policy.

Rules for Submissions

*Submitting to the featured folder is no longer allowed. Please submit to the proper gallery folders by simply clicking on the folder and clicking on “submit to this folder”.

*As I’ve stated earlier, nothing explicit. Please keep it PG-13.

*Your art has to include a Canon Sonic character. Original Characters (OCs) are only allowed if they are featured with a canon character. Canon characters are characters that appear in any of the Sonic games, cartoons, Archie comics, or the anime.

*Bases are allowed, but are especially subject to be evaluated for quality.

*Recolors are not allowed.

*Submissions are limited to two a day. Submissions will expire two weeks after they are sent in if they are not voted on by a mod. If this happens, please submit the picture again.

***There will now be a quality control policy put into effect. It’s not a large policy, and it most likely will not affect most of the things that you’re submitting to the group, but expect your work to be evaluated before being accepted. This means deviations will not be automatically accepted, nor will the be blindly accepted. (Just to give you an idea, this is how it usually goes for me: I check group messages, see a picture,then I click on it to check it out. If it looks outrageous or violates one of the previously stated rules, then I won’t accept it. Note that there are others who may also check submissions, so I cannot speak for them)


And I'm making new folders, in the hopes of separating and organizing everything in our gallery.

This means that from now on, in order to submit to the group gallery, you have to submit your deviation to a specific gallery folder. Once you click on the folder, there should be a small description that tells you what is allowed to be submitted to the folder.

Also re-writting some of the rules, and doing a check on all submitted works.

Let me know if there's any problems.
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SHARIDANTINALILA2196 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
 can i submit journals? 
EternalNeon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Hey I have a question. Can a submitted art be ignored or denied if the the moderator who sees it feels like it doesn't look like the character? The reason I ask because I have submitted a human silver drawing and well...I think it looks cool but I also know his design isn't classic silver and I kind of went with my own style. Is that a problem? Just wondering.
xXkuroyukiXx Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Student Writer
Well since it's a human version of him, you can design him to look however you want. That doesn't effect whether we accept it or not.
EternalNeon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Awesome :-)
EternalNeon Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks. :D
AnutDraws Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
:iconanutdraws: IN ZONEC WE TRUST :iconanutdraws:
SunnyDayzTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do u get the sonice emoticons?
Marshmellow334 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay. i'm just asking this because it seems reasonable to.
i can't really draw all that well, so i use bases. so is it okay for me to submit my art that uses bases? or do you not allow that?
thank you in advance.
xXkuroyukiXx Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Writer
I, personally, am not really too fond of art from bases. Just my opinion, though I have seen some good edits and use of the bases on DA.

I guess the best answer I can give you is this: If you want to join, go right ahead.(You're always welcome!) Since every request is checked by a moderator before being accepted, if your pictures are good (I'm not saying they won't be!) then they'd be accepted, regardless of how you made it (as long as it isn't a stolen piece of work, against the rules, etc).
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